10 May 2016

When do we stop the habit of asking why?

As children whenever we are told no, our first response is usually, ‘why?’. At what point do we stop asking and starting simply accepting no?lawrence jones mbe

When I first started out in business I made a point of not saying no, and, when someone told me no, I simply refused to accept it. I realised that at some point in our professional lives, we tend to lose our curiosity.

It’s so easy to do! My daughters, when they were just learning to talk, are prime examples. Every time they were told no, they would ask me why. Why could it not be done? Why was it impossible?

They were right. Why could we not try harder? Surely, this is not how business should be done. Rather than saying no, we should find ways of working around things!

I have to admit that, particularly over recent years, I’ve realised that there are situations when ‘no’ is the right answer. I’ve been offered business opportunities I simply had to turn down and I’ve been contacted on numerous occasions to sell my business for sums of money that would set my family up for life.

UKFast is too much a part of me; I have no option but to keep going. It’s not fear that’s stopping me; it’s the fact that my family is as much a part of this business as this business is a part of my family. We are only at the start of our journey still.

Whilst in these circumstances saying no was a valid option, I would bet that there are hundreds of opportunities every week that we each miss by accepting no as a final answer.

Why is the person saying no? How can you resolve that? Is there another way?

Equally, why are you saying no? How many great adventures, business chances or new directions have you missed out on by pooh-poohing something from the get-go?

I believe that it’s all about mindset. So, if you are facing a brick-wall no, just ask why?

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