26 May 2016

I cannot believe what I read in the news today.

Lord Alan Sugar has been hired as the Government’s Enterprise Tsar as part of a drive to encourage more young people into business.Great Britain houses of parliament

Tsar! A supreme ruler. I have to wonder if he chose the name personally. It certainly takes a particular type of ego to be happy with that title. For me, the association with that word is less than positive.

Our Skills Minister Nick Bowles championed the move and said that Sugar has “huge credibility among young people”.

I think that Bowles is completely deluded! Is this really the example that we want to set? Pointing your finger and brutally firing someone, making employees disposable and humiliating people is not behaviour that creates a successful business. There’s no place for that behaviour in business!

It’s ironic that Sugar left the Labour Party a year or so ago because of ‘negative business policies’. I have never known a man more negative for business in the UK! Regardless of what the government does, I believe this man sets completely the wrong example to our young people.

Employment law prevents behaviour like his in the workplace. It is not only unacceptable, it’s extraordinarily damaging. Employment courts are full of people who have copied the ridiculous behaviour shown on The Apprentice.

I can understand Sugar’s abrasive behaviour is great for TV ratings; however, I can’t imagine the real man behind the scenes behaves like this. For viewers though, they are highly likely to emulate this ridiculous behaviour if they aspire to create similar success.

I have never met a successful entrepreneur who displays this behaviour and treats their team like this. Leading a business takes humility and listening; it’s totally wrong and incredibly frustrating.

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