27 May 2016

I was recently asked how UKFast helps staff when they are unhappy or having down days.

Whilst we do all we can to create an energetic, happy work environment it is, of course, inevitable that people do have low points. Not everyone is happy all of the time. lawrence jones mbe

So how do we help?

We have a huge support network of caring people in UKFast that’s evolved over the years. ‘Supportive’ has been one of our core values for more than a decade and is at the very heart of our business.

It’s an essential quality for providing support for our customers but also to create a family within the business; and that’s just how it feels here. We’re a family.

And just like families, we have a “Hardship Fund” for things that sit outside of the ordinary. If one of our team finds themselves in real need, we’re there to help. Often it can be a very simple gesture that makes all the difference.

Most importantly, we make time to listen and learn about difficulties people may be experiencing. One on one catch ups with team leaders, weekly group catchups and always being on-hand creates an environment where people are comfortable talking and sharing. I’d never want any of our team to feel that they couldn’t talk about something that was causing them a problem.

Even back when we a team of only four people, I took one of the boys on a trek up into the mountain to stay on Mount Snowdon, after his fiancée had called off their wedding day.

I committed to staying up on the mountain until we resolved the issue. We commiserated together and we came down with new goals. Incredibly, he found an amazing wife shortly after and is now a proud dad.

What did I get out of it?

A loyal friend and one of the greatest, if not the greatest, moment in my business career, when he walked up to me and knocked me for six, saying: “Loz, can I work for you for the rest of my life?”

It still makes me shiver to this day.

Of course, it’s in an employer’s interest to lend a helping hand as an unhappy person isn’t able to work properly, but it is also part of being a leader, part of being colleagues and part of being a family.

Invest in people. But remember time is the greatest investment of all.

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