30 May 2016

What makes a great workplace? And more importantly, why is it important?

Creating an inspirational environment for the team is, for me, an essential part of building a business. UKFast Campus

Since we moved to UKFast Campus almost three years ago, there has been a huge amount interest in our new office space, with many people asking why we would invest so much time and money into creating a unique environment.

Whilst we’ve done everything in our power to make the most of this space, it wasn’t an easy task; we’re still making changes and continuing to evolve now. But, the rewards are unbelievable. For me, there is nothing more motivating or rewarding than walking around an office that is full of energy and enthusiasm.

Our Campus has an onsite gym, a crèche, a recording studio, an auditorium, a bar, sleeping pods, ping pong; whatever our team needs to feel that the office is a home from home. At the moment, we even have a beach in an area of the car park.

We spend so much time at work – a third of our lives, in fact – that, as business leaders, we should ensure that the team are not only comfortable but happy in their environment during this time.

I’ve always said that a measure of a great space is the amount of people walking around in their socks. I had the carpet in our lounge area replaced several times because of this, because the underlay wasn’t soft enough. It is these little details that create that home-away-from-home feeling; it’s as simple as that.

Inevitably, there will always be changes that you want to make to a space, but initial planning is extraordinarily important.

Once you own a place, you go wherever your imagination takes you, and it’s important to remember not to let it take over!

With the right preparation, an office becomes an extraordinary place for your team and an extension of your brand. We worked closely with our in-house building team, an incredible architect and our team of designers to make sure that every detail reflects our brand. You can see this with each of the touchpoints around UKFast Campus; from the Muhammad Ali quote on the salesfloor to the Union Jack flag sofa in the lounge.

None of these extra touches that we have around the office are necessary, but they make a big difference to the happiness and wellbeing of our team, and to the experience of anyone visiting the office.

How do people feel when they walk into your office space? Can visitors instantly recognise that it is your office? If not, why not? A ping-pong table, a dartboard, some on-brand colour choices can make a world of difference.

You don’t need a big budget, just imagination and you will see the rewards instantly.

Why go to so much effort, time and money to create an unusual space? It’s simple. Come and visit and you’ll know the answer as soon as you walk through the door.

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