7 June 2016

Have you registered to vote in the EU referendum?eu

Registration is open until 23.59 tonight. It’s a vote that dictates the future of our country. A vote that could define a generation, for better or for worse.

If you’ve not yet registered, do it on the Gov.UK website before the end of the day. It’s simple. If you don’t register, you can’t vote. If you don’t vote, you don’t have a say in the biggest change that our country has faced for 50 years.

I’ve been a vocal advocate of the ‘IN’ campaign and firmly believe that the UK’s future as a leader in ecommerce and online business relies on the EU.

Why would we want to tie our hands behind our backs by burning bridges with our neighbours? We’d be absolutely crazy to turn our backs on an instantly accessible market of more than 508 million people.

Below is a video of a section of BBC Sunday Politics where I spoke along with another North West business, Rapierstar, about the effects on business of the Brexit debate. For me, even the uncertainty of the ‘In or Out’ debate is enough to impact our economy – just look at the strength of the pound sliding now as the polls roll in.

Outside of business and the economy, the EU has affected everything from the environment to human rights to creating smoke-free workplaces.  The union affects us all positively in one way or another.

Agree with me? Disagree? Either way, you should make your voice heard and make your vote count. Ultimately, it’s not my opinion that counts, it’s all of ours.

I’d love to know your thoughts; whether you’re in or out, whether you’re voting or not, why you’re voting a particular way.

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