17 June 2016


Image from @drbexl

Today is the final day of the SAScon conference – search and social – and I was incredibly proud to open the event with a welcome address as main sponsor yesterday.

During my talk I spoke of our journey with Google and the fun and games we had in the early days taking on the giants with our SEO server.

Back then, we decided to set up an experiment. We tested multiple servers in multiple locations to see if any of this would affect organic search rankings. Low and behold, the results showed the servers ranked by speed – the fastest sites were the highest ranked.

Now, of course, this is common knowledge but back then, this was big news! We soon had Google’s lawyers sending an extraordinarily long letter over, but with our evidence, it soon became clear that we were right!

So what does this have to do with modern marketing, modern tech and modern search? It’s simple.
Search and social marketing doesn’t just come from awesome technology, it comes from creativity. It comes from thinking differently, from breaking the rules and from searching to discover new ways to work.

It doesn’t matter who you’re up against – if a small company like UKFast can take on Google, anyone can! – if you have the right way of thinking you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

It reminds me of my time on the rugby pitch. I may not have been the biggest, fastest or strongest, but if I could outthink and outsmart the opposing fly-half, I knew I could win!

So, whether you’re a marketer, a CEO or simply someone looking for your next steps, the key is curiosity. Keep searching and keep discovering.

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