21 June 2016

As we get nearer to the big vote on Thursday, our discussions of ‘In or Out’ become more heated, the debates on the television intensify and everyone from Richard Branson and David Beckham to Fred from the shop along the road is weighing in with their opinion; will we vote to leave the EU or will we stay?

The newspapers have pledged their allegiances over the weekend – with a fairly even split for the Leave/Remain camps – and the celebrities have hopped off the fence.

It is too close to call the result and it seems the whole of the UK is divided. It seems that the only thing we can agree on is how shambolic the political campaigns for both sides have been!

I’ve made my feelings on the matter clear; together we are stronger. Simple as that.

However, if you’re still undecided, I recently spoke on BBC North West Tonight with a fellow North West business, Rapierstar, about our views on the referendum and think sharing the clip below might help you to choose which box to tick.

The essential part is casting your vote. Make your voice heard.

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