27 June 2016

Friday was a rough day for those of us who voted to remain a part of the EU. However, for the UKFast team we turned it into an officially ‘ruff’ day!

Considering the result, there was actually even more energy than usual in our offices last week and it was great to see that the EU referendum results didn’t dampen the spirit of the four-legged UKFast family, who came out in force for Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Of course, it’s not unusual to find dogs hiding underneath the desks at UKFast Campus on any given day but Friday was a little special with more dogs than ever coming over for the day. I haven’t got a problem with my team bringing our four-legged friends in. As long as the dogs are happy to spend their time in our office, they are welcome to come and stay. In fact to accommodate all of them, we’re building kennels on site to make it easier for everyone to bring even their not so well-behaved dogs in as well.

Whilst it’s an office trend that has only been making waves for a few years, it is clear that there are extraordinary benefits to allowing dogs in the office. Studies have found that our canine companions make people feel calmer and less stressed, and that dogs lower the heart rate and blood pressure.

Surprisingly, people are also perceived as more friendly and approachable when there is a dog nearby. I’ve seen this happen time and again when a dog is on one of our office floors; team members are more likely to go over and talk to each other.

I know that for many people –myself included – dogs are part of the family, and unfortunately it costs an awful lot of money for dog walkers and you certainly don’t want to go home at the end of a day’s work to find that the dog has chewed up the sofa! Similarly, if you go on holiday, it would be nice to have a place where you know a friend is walking the dog every single day.

So why wouldn’t I help make things easier for my team? It makes complete sense. Our offices have a gym and a crèche, so building kennels seems to me to be the reasonable next step.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day is not just a day to help motivate your team; it’s also a day for raising awareness. It is an annual, nationwide event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.

Should you allow dogs in your offices every day of the year or is it an annual one-off? I’d love to see pictures!

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