29 June 2016

I am absolutely disgusted.

Image from @owenjones84

Image from @owenjones84

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve been trying to process yesterday’s events yet they still completely confound me.

Whether you voted in or out of the EU, it doesn’t matter now, what does matter is negotiating our future to ensure the outcome is positive. Yet Nigel Farage stood in front of the European Parliament yesterday and personally insulted many of the people who will play an essential part in deciding our future relationship with Europe and the EU.

For one thing, this is how wars are started. Wars start with people disrespecting each other and falling out. I’m not saying he is out to start a war but Farage is a dangerous man, who is representing Britain and representing business people. He’s already managed to stir up extraordinary levels of hate crime on British streets with the Leave camp’s campaign of lies and propaganda.

At such a sensitive and uncertain time, giving Farage this stage was extraordinarily dangerous. We should be making friends in a negotiation, not alienating people.

Rather than doing this, Farage proceeded to sling personal insults saying that “virtually none of you [MEPs] have ever done a proper job in your lives, or worked in business, or worked in trade, or indeed ever created a job”. It’s worth noting that one of the huge impacts that the EU has had is to create thousands of jobs – for Brits as well as other Europeans.

Adding insult to injury, he also said that he (speaking for Britain) would be happy not to do any trade deals! He could have put the final nail in our economy’s coffin there.

Angela Merkel has already ruled out the possibility of special favours for post-Brexit Britain, ruling out a “cherry-picking exercise” in Brexit talks. Equally Luxembourg Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, said the UK will not have a Facebook-style “it’s complicated” status with the rest of the EU; that Britain will have “marriage or divorce, but not something in between”. EU leaders also insist they will not hold any informal talks on a trade settlement until the UK triggers Article 50, to formally begin the exit process.

When we’re already massively on the back-foot as a nation negotiating its future, insulting those with whom our future still lies was a ridiculous move. No man is an island. In or out, we need to work with Europe to ensure that we have the trade deals we need, access to essential medical research, travel and work opportunities; the list goes on and on.

This was an absolutely disgraceful display of exactly what we don’t want at the start of negotiations to leave Europe.

Thankfully many of the MEPs in attendance turned their backs on Farage and seemed marginally more receptive to David Cameron who spoke after dinner later in the day; following which, Angela Merkel said that Germany “will continue to negotiate this relationship on a basis of friendship”.

With this in mind, why on earth was Farage able to open his mouth? Who wants to stay friends with someone who is such a poor character? I hope that the MEPs see him for what he is and not as a representative of the majority of our proud nation.

I am absolutely horrified! He has no grace or dignity. He is an embarrassment to our country and I cannot think of a worse representative for Great Britain.

Regardless of whether you voted ‘In’ or ‘Out’, surely we can all agree that this man is not representative of our country?

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