1 July 2016

The finale to Game of Thrones may have aired, but it seems that Westminster has been looking to Westeros for inspiration!


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Never have I known such an absurd state of affairs. No-one could have predicted the situation that we now find ourselves in after last week’s vote.

We’ve lost our Prime Minister and likely the Leader of the Opposition, and more than 50 of the Shadow Cabinet. Our Government is in chaos.

Now, having been expected to back Boris Johnson but instead submitting an 11th-hour bid for the leadership, Michael Gove seems to be the front-runner for the Prime Minister’s job.

I have to say, he looks like a rabbit in headlights. The Justice of Secretary has said himself that he would ‘not be up to the job of Prime Minister’ on several occasions. Yet he now “reluctantly” puts himself forward for the leadership role.

As the leader of our country, you have to be able to sit next to other heads of states, to represent your country. Can you see Gove as this person?

Cameron has made the PM’s job a poisoned chalice. Whoever takes on the role has to make some hard and fast, extremely tough decisions and bear the consequences – consequences that Cameron clearly deems too heavy to take them on himself.

It seems strange to me that Gove has made such a turnabout and seemingly stabbed Boris, his apparent friend, in the back. I am sure that there will be more to come from this story, as to why we are now looking at Gove as PM rather than bungling Boris.

For now, it is hard to say who will become the British leader; the media is split, with some calling Gove a knife-wielding horror and others championing his £100m-for-the-NHS pledge. But what do we believe?

I have no idea! But what I do know is that we are low on numbers, that we are short on time and that we need to capitalise on the pound’s bounceback as soon as we can. No one likes uncertainty. We’ve all come to terms with the Brexit result, now we need to get our affairs in order and get on with it.

Is it a blessing that Boris has backed off? Can we find a strong leader within the remaining frontrunners? Time will tell.

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