6 July 2016

“I will be with you, whatever.”

These were Tony Blair’s words to then US President George W Bush ahead of the invasion of Iraq.

Blair and Bush

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Scary. But not the only thing to come from the Chilcot Inquiry. Of course this report was going to be inflammatory but at the heart of it all: why on earth did we go to war in the first place? Why was this not stopped, when we consider ourselves a forward-thinking country?

We should never go to war – full stop.

We have an army, but in my opinion that resource should be used to help build bridges and help countries when they need aid. An army should be there as a defensive mechanism but we should not be an aggressor. If we want to be a more civilised world, money should be going into education not to war.

My heart goes out to anyone who has lost someone or has been affected by any of these wars. I remember hearing about our granddads going to fight for our country, our grandmas having to hold the fort back home, working in factories and in the fields –watching the boys go off to war and never come back. Have we not learned any lessons?

On the face of it Tony Blair has lied to be friends with America. If this was a business, Blair would be in prison, but this is politics and for some reason that seems to be above the law. If you lie and cause thousands of deaths, there have to be consequences.

Scarily, I don’t think that current politicians are learning. These reports never have a positive outcome.

The cost of war is not just the horrendous cost of life and the effect on our society, we can’t forget that it is also monetary. Money that could be put into making our country great. The investment into war and into reports like this could be going into education. It’s all absurd!

This war is behind terror becoming a mainstream part of the world. It’s had a knock-on effect. If we want to live in a happy society, we’ve got to start living in a more happy society; we need to start living in a kinder way.

I said at the time that we should not be going to war. Everyone was against it until Tony Blair gave that speech in Parliament.

In my opinion, this war is one of the worst things that this country could have done. Now, accountability for it is key. Blair is part of a group of people who lied to the country, surely we cannot ignore that. This was a lie with huge, global ramifications, but I think the politicians now are too scared to hold him accountable.

Listening to Jeremy Corbyn earlier, I was surprised at how well he delivered his message. Despite being one of the louder voices against the war at the time, Corbyn was not judgemental, if anything, he held his hands up, holding us all accountable. On the other hand, I think it was clear that David Cameron has already checked out of his role as PM. He simply spoke about America being an important ally and seemed quite disinterested.

I look forward to seeing how we progress with the findings of this report. What are your thoughts?

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