7 July 2016

Do you ever stop to look around and realise that the future is here?

david rowan cloud uk live

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The strides we are making in technology is absolutely astonishing, yet I think we often take it for granted.

Yesterday was an extraordinary day at UKFast and one of those moments when I realised what an incredible world we live in.

We were joined by Microsoft’s James Akrigg, Head of Technology for Partners, Cisco’s UKI Cloud Director Jo Laking, Dell’s UK Executive Director for Enterprise Systems Peter Barnes and the editor of Wired UK, David Rowan. Add to that our director of enterprise technology and the line-up for Cloud UK Live was quite incredible.

One of the most thought-provoking moments of the event came with David Rowan’s keynote speech. He kicked off the event discussing future technology and changing consumer attitudes – even mentioning digitising human organs! He summed everything up perfectly and succinctly, saying ‘there is no more offline’. It’s true. Now, there is no option to be offline – we’re connected.

Back in 1999 when we started UKFast, our mission was getting people online. We had to educate and persuade businesses that being on the internet is worth it. Now, it’s about education around security. We no longer need to persuade people to move online, we need to educate them on being secure online.

The UKFast team is working on ways to share content from the event across our channels for anyone who missed out on the event. Each session brought new perspectives and ideas forward, mixing highly technical knowledge with the narrative of the tech world.  It was rare to have so many key industry partners on one stage together.

Here are a few of my favourite points from the event, if you were there please share yours in the comments below.

  • “Cloud is as important to the digital world as breathing is to us.” David Rowan, Wired
  • “If you have the Ferrari of applications sitting on the Ford Fiesta of infrastructure, it won’t work.” Chris, director of enterprise technology at UKFast.
  • “IT used to be something that you did to people. That is not how we work anymore. The communication fabric is something that needs to be worked out first. This will drive more inclusive adoption of technology.” James Akrigg, Microsoft
  • “You have to ask now, where can disruption occur? Microsoft once built technology for a lift company to help them predict when the lift would break!” James Akrigg, Microsoft
  • “It’s not about looking at one cloud or another. It’s about looking at which combination is best for you.” Jo Laking and Stephen Dallas, Cisco, talking software defined networking and hyperconvergence.
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