8 July 2016

What will you achieve this weekend?

Often a weekend is a period of rest, away from the busy day-to-day hubbub. However, that’s not to say that you cannot achieve something during that time too.

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With legendary runner Ron HIll and our team at the launch of our sponsorship.

For the UKFast team, the countdown is on! It’s only two days until the UKFast We Love MCR UKFast 10K run at Sportcity Manchester on Sunday.

The UKFast We Love MCR event is the first of two 10K runs we are sponsoring this year, with the City of Salford 10K taking place in September. I am incredibly proud that we are in a position to be able to do this. There are so many reasons why organising sporting events like these make a big difference to Manchester as a city and as a community.

I firmly believe that a more active city is a better city; one that is buzzing with better energy, better ideas and better productivity. I’ve mentioned before how I am certain that there is a definite link between sport, business and the mind. Organising and sponsoring this type of event enables us to inspire people to get up from their desks and get their heart rates pumping. I want to get Manchester bouncing with energy!
Alongside this, sporting challenges help us to develop habits that stand us in great stead in other areas of our lives. Setting ourselves challenges is an incredibly important part of staying happy and motivated. Would you continue running if you don’t have a schedule to push you? Would you be committed to it when the rain was pouring or it was thick snow? How can you break a habit without having support?
Competitive runs are great for providing a timeline for change, and finishing a first 10K or achieving a personal best is a great motivator to keep going.

Just as important as personal achievement is that these runs are amazing family events, where everyone can either take part or be supportive on the side lines. There’s even a ‘Toddler Trot’ for the little ones to run like Mum and Dad too. It’s a great initiative to encourage children to be more active at an early age. Exercise is much more fun if you can do it together, as a family, a group of friends or colleagues.

We have a daily running club at UKFast and the energy that this generates is absolutely extraordinary. From superfast 10k runners to slower 5ks, every ability is catered for and supported, and the runs are organised by the teams themselves.

As a business owner, encouraging a running club is a fantastic and free way of helping the team to be more active and get away from their desks for an hour during the day.

If you want to achieve something different this weekend, you can still sign up to take part in the run – applications don’t close until midday tomorrow.

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