11 July 2016

Finally we have some sporting success to celebrate! Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton both led Britain to victory over the weekend.
Storming Centre Court, Murray showed no signs of weakness as he beat Milos Raonic 6-4 7-6 (7-3) 7-6 (7-2), making him the first British man to win multiple Wimbledon singles titles since Fred Perry in 1935.

Asked about his victory, Murray said: “I’ve had some great moments here, but also some tough losses. The win feels extra special because of the tough losses.”

Over at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton stormed his fourth British Grand Prix victory, leading every single lap of the race. Despite a difficult start to the season, Hamilton is now on a mission to secure his fourth world title.

Both sportsmen have had tumultuous times in their careers, yet continue to represent Britain’s resilience, strength and character.

Whilst we’re always delighted to celebrate the sporting success of our country, I feel that this weekend’s wins are perfectly timed – we need a bit of national pride at the moment. They come as a reminder of what makes Britain great.

Our resilience as a nation is what has stood us in great stead throughout the years. It is this almost stubbornness to succeed that saw us come through the 2009 recession relatively unscathed.

Sport enhances these values. UKFast would not be the business that it is today had I not been a sportsman. The lessons that I learned on the rugby pitch helped me to develop skin as thick as a rhinoceros, taught me to bounce back and to face any foe – no matter how big they are!

And that’s not all; strategy building, self-motivation, team work and how to dig deep when the going gets tough -these lessons have all transferred into my business life.

I honestly cannot recommend sport enough to anyone looking to set up, grow or run a business. If you are facing a problem or feel stuck in a rut, get into the gym and clear your mind. I have no doubt that when your mind is switched onto the sporting challenge, the solution to the problem will come into your head.

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