14 July 2016

Everyone’s road to success is different.

Mine, for example, involved little formal academic qualification but a lot of on-the-job business education.  Some take a more formal route, some grow into leaders through family businesses; what is the common thread?MMU MBA scholarship

I believe that no matter where your journey takes you, the main thing we all need is support. A helping hand, a reassuring word and network of support is essential.

That’s why we have launched a £6,000 MBA scholarship with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).  Somewhere, out there, there is a person who is struggling and who might have to back out of a place that the business school offers them because of financial worries. This is someone who has the potential to be the next British business leader – the next Branson, the next Jacqueline Gold or James Timpson. Financial concerns should not stop their journey.

I believe that business leaders have a responsibility to help those at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Whilst embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is a very exciting time, it’s also overwhelming when you really consider the personal and financial sacrifices.

That’s where we need to step in to support the next generation. In business, having the right connections and mentors is essential. In my own career I’ve learned the most important lessons from other entrepreneurs. The MBA from MMU puts students in touch with some of the greatest business people out there, which in itself is invaluable.

To put it simply, growing and nurturing talent is essential for us in Manchester. We have so much to offer businesses and entrepreneurs, and we have to make sure that these opportunities are open to anyone with the skills and ambition to help us become the UK’s number one tech city.

Education has always been at the heart of UKFast so, for us, it makes absolute sense to invest in the thriving economic landscape of Manchester and support business thinking among aspiring entrepreneurs. This scholarship is an extraordinary opportunity to help business-minded people develop and to celebrate entrepreneurialism, no matter what your personal background or journey is.

This is a great chance for people with the right level of passion, innovation and dynamism to show that they can turn a good idea into a great business success.

Tomorrow is the deadline for applications so I really hope that, if you’re one of these people, you’re well on your way with your application. Don’t hold yourself back – go for it!

We’re with you every step of the way.

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