18 July 2016

The news is out; we’ve teamed up with security firm Pentest!

For some years now, we’ve been building up our cybersecurity business Secarma and, now, we’ve taken the next step, acquiring Altrincham-based application security specialist Pentest Ltd.pentest ukfast lawrence jones

One of the biggest challenges for us over recent years has been finding businesses who are the right fit for our culture. As you may well know, we do things differently at UKFast. I knew straight away that Pentest was the perfect team to partner up with when John said to me: “We do things differently here, Lawrence. We take our team skiing every year.”

I couldn’t believe it! If that’s not a sign, then what is? I am incredibly excited to have Pentest join the team over in Verbier at Le Farinet later in the year to continue this tradition and enjoy ‘doing things differently’ together.

So, what does the deal mean? Well, for us, the first decade or so of UKFast was focussed on getting people onto the internet, showing businesses the real value of being online; now the focus is securing that presence. Security is the number one business concern and, combining Pentest with Secarma and UKFast, we’re able to offer a comprehensive service to help businesses to stay secure.

It is a challenging world out there. As soon as you create a piece of code, someone is looking for a vulnerability within it. It’s instantly out of date and at risk – that is what we have to mitigate.

The company also brings with it an extraordinary list of accreditations including CREST and CHECK, as well as an incredible team of ethical hackers. I went to their Altrincham office to meet this team and was overawed by the team’s focus and passion. They are simply capable of only do a great job that they are proud to put their name to. Quality and client support are their top priorities.

I often say that I believe we cross paths with people for a reason. Interestingly, we crossed paths with the Pentest team long before we started speaking with them about an acquisition. Around seven of their team came over to UKFast Campus for an event last year and were singing the praises of the unusual office space, then lo and behold, now we’re all one team and they’re set to move here.

I am incredibly proud to bring Pentest on board to continue our mission to secure the internet.

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