22 July 2016

I’m thrilled to learn that UKFast’s Code Club has been recognised as a ‘star code club’ this week!

code club

Some of the young people at our Code Club.

It’s always a special day when we organise a Code Club at UKFast and it’s nice to receive positive feedback and strong accreditations for that. There are not many commercial businesses in the region that organise these events, which means we have plenty of kids running around the place most school holiday Wednesdays.

It’s great to put coding events right at the heart of tech businesses and it’s fantastic to see more and more businesses starting to realise the importance of inspiring a next generation of digital superstars. It might look like these kids are just playing games, but they are actually learning skills that can make a massive difference in their future careers or – in the very least getting interested in the world of tech.

Programming is an essential part of any tech business, including mine, and yet it’s not a subject that tends to be included in a school’s curriculum. This makes it all the more important for businesses to make it look fun and approachable, particularly for young kids.

Look at Google, for example. They launched a new code learning program for kids this month. Project Bloks, as they call it, is a hardware platform for young people (and their parents!) to learn the principles of code. The idea of it is simple; these are actual electrical blocks that can be snapped together, encouraging them to create things like musical instruments or automated toys.

The search engine joins Disney, who had already announced to join the coding game, collaborating with Lucasfilm to create Frozen and Star Wars themed computer science courses, as well as Apple, who are introducing new coding classes for young people at this year’s Apple Camp.

To me, these are all essential initiatives that show two things: businesses are appreciating that, to some extent, they are responsible for bridging the gap between the school curriculum and the digital world. And secondly; kids are very interested in tech!

This is increasingly evident in my personal life; my daughters quickly getting to know more than me when it comes to coding or the iPad! They think it’s cool to know how to work with the latest tech. It almost amazes me to imagine what these young people will be able to achieve by the time they are my age!

For my business, these coding classes fit in perfectly with our ambitions to educate and inspire the next generation of digital superstars. And perhaps most importantly, they create a great energy in our Manchester campus.

Do you think business should get involved with teaching young kids digital skills? Are we doing enough?

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