28 July 2016

Where do you find inspiration?whatsapp

In both my personal and professional lives, I take inspiration and advice from so many different places. Whilst I have never had a one-on-one mentor, I have found a lot of support in the words of other business leaders, whether through books, podcasts or by meeting them in person. Most of the time, inspiration comes from listening.

These days, I listen to TED talks whenever I can. I find that they make me think about my everyday decisions from a different perspective.

A few days ago, I listened to a talk by Dan Pallotta, an American entrepreneur, author and humanitarian activist, and it got me thinking.

In the talk, which was recorded in February this year, Dan raises an interesting point about human beings struggling to improve our communication skills.

According to Pallotta, as access to communication tech is rising, our ability to listen and understand one another remains stagnant.

We have more platforms than ever to make our voices heard but are we actually listening?
A wise man once told me that we have two ears and one mouth and should use them as such.
While our focus is on developing and using more tools to communicate with each other, when do we actually communicate with each other?

When you reflect on your life, are you listening? In business it is all too easy to call people, to send hundreds of emails and thousands of tweets but are you listening to the replies? Are you hearing the feedback from your clients? Are you saying/replying with what they need to hear?

At home, are you sitting on your phone for hours of the day when your family are sitting in the same room?

If the behaviour of the online world was reflected in real life, can you imagine how deafening that would be? So many people talking and no one stopping to listen!

Dan’s talk certainly struck a chord with me and I know that I will certainly pause now, put my phone down and have a real conversation, listening and responding.

How could you listen more?

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