8 August 2016

The best way to describe my life is moderate amounts of pandemonium in every direction. I shared this sentiment on Facebook last week and it couldn’t be more true for where I am at the moment.chaos lawrence jones

Whilst wife and I are incredibly fortunate to be so busy, to have four daughters who are growing fast, a thriving business and all sorts going on in every area of our lives; it can become a little overwhelming at times!

So the question: is how do you manage the pandemonium?

I am incredibly lucky to have some extraordinarily organised people in my life – none so much as Gail and my executive assistant Ginny.

I also stick to a strict schedule, even planning in time to relax, to play chess and to have time out! If you don’t schedule in your time off, it simply won’t happen.

Over the years I’ve learned that once you’ve found your magic formula, you have to stick to it. It’s all too easy to let things slip, to have Doctor Who moments, for things to fall into a black hole.

When I look back over the years, the times when we were most successful in our personal and business lives were the times when Gail and I stuck to our routine, to our magic formula. We found what works and we ran with it.

Invariably, there are times when this slips, when life gets in the way and throws a spanner into the works! This is when your routine is so important; recognise that you’ve slipped from your usual patterns and look to get back to it. Pick up your exercise routine, book in time to play chess or whatever it is you do to stay sane! and stick to your promises when it comes to meetings and appointments. You’ll soon get back to your winning formula, to your mosts productive.

I’d love to know how you get back on track when your life is filled with pandemonium.

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