16 August 2016

Is your business future ready?

Hopefully the majority of workplaces are thinking about how they will continue to grow in the near future, especially thanks to political initiatives like the recently launched Workplace 2020 campaign.

laughter is the best medicine

Two of our training team at UKFast.

As futuristic as the year 2020 may sound, it’s now less than four years away!

Will things really be that much different? Possibly!

Although I believe there are going to be some obvious changes in the way workplaces look and employees work over the next few years, I think the biggest changes will happen in management attitude and structure.

At UKFast we’re already working hard to meet some of the modern workplace values, such as agility and collaboration. We really only need to ask ourselves one question: what do people want from their workplace?

Simply by listening to your team, you can create an environment where people are happy to stay for the long term and where everyone feels supported to achieve both common and personal goals.

I believe that these days employees don’t want to simply move throughout a business in only one direction – which is usually up – but look at different career paths instead. Many of my team now look to learn new skills, rather than to simply be paid more for doing the same job, making them much more likely to move into different roles and departments during their employment.

I learned a long time ago that money only motivates people so far, people thrive when they are growing and developing.

Equally, no one likes to feel stuck in a rut. There are people in the UKFast team who have worn some very different hats during their time with us. Even though they didn’t always fit the role they were in, I never had any doubt that they were the right fit for the team. When people share our values, this is what makes me feel excited about having and keeping them on board.

Attracting and holding on to great talent is all about ownership and professional development. I encourage everyone in my team to take ownership of a part of the business; something they want to work on and improve. This means that my door is always open to discuss opportunities and ideas and everyone is able to learn the skills they believe they require to make our business even better. We even have an in-house education centre and employ five full-time teachers to make sure we are ready to teach the skills of the future!

How is your business preparing?

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