19 August 2016

What makes a winner a winner?

usain bolt

Image from @usainbolt

Is it commitment? Is it skill?

I believe that Usain Bolt showed the true measure of a champion during an interview following his medal success. He interrupted the interviewer to pause and show respect for the American national anthem.

Bolt stopped the interview celebrating his own momentous achievement to show respect for a nation that he is competing against at the highest level.

It shows how seriously Bolt takes his competitors and that his winning mentality spreads across all areas of life. It’s also a sign of humility and patience. Whilst he is a big character on the track, it’s clear he has been brought up with the values that count.

To be successful in anything you need great support growing up. There are things that you are not taught in school that you learn much earlier in life.

Bolt’s behaviour is a lesson to parents out there – we compete at the highest level but still have the dignity and decency that Bolt has shown.

Ultimately, when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of being successful, I believe that attitude is key. The skills that can’t be taught – the lessons that we learn growing up – are the real making of us.

Watch Usain Bolt here https://youtu.be/u8uiYELBajc

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