23 August 2016

We are all used to cringing at our politicians time and again, but Jeremy Corbyn has just caused one of the biggest for a while.

Corbyn train

Image from Virgin Trains

In a disastrous PR gaffe, Corbyn recorded a video of himself sitting on the floor of a train discussing how ‘ram-packed’ it was.

In fact, as CCTV footage from Virgin today shows, there are loads of chairs available with him passing empty seats. It’s the exact opposite of what we want in politics. If this is a sign of his character, honestly, I think he should resign.

If he has done this for a photo opportunity, he is an utter disgrace.

Virgin and Richard Branson have worked incredibly hard to take a failing rail network and transform it into a thriving business based on awesome customer experiences, incredibly well-trained staff and everything that’s great about the Virgin brand. It is extraordinarily dangerous for a man who is supposed to be a figurehead for our country to throw mud at one of Britain’s strongest brands.

He is trying to nationalise the rail system but with brands like Virgin involved we’re seeing the best service we’ve ever seen on trains – yes, there’s still work to do but we’ve seen huge improvements, especially on the Manchester to London route.

I am not a big fan of politicians stepping down but, if this is really the case, he has been incredibly dishonest. Dishonesty isn’t about money, it’s about integrity, and clearly Corbyn has shown none in this case.

Richard and Virgin responded incredibly to the video, you can read what they had to say here and follow the conversation at #traingate.

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