23 August 2016

appreciation quote of the dayI posted a quote earlier in the week that read: “Never get so busy that you stop appreciating the simple things in life.”

As I take some time away, up in the mountains, away from the hubbub of the city, I am reminded time and again of this quote.

It is a reminder to stop. To pause. To take a breath and look around.

How often do you stop?

How often do you just look around you and take everything in?

Many years ago my uncle asked me when I’d last taken a holiday. I very proudly told him that I hadn’t taken a real break in more than nine years, thinking that this was something to be proud of. In fact, my uncle told me that this was ridiculous. He told me to get out there, to see ‘how the other half live’ and to experience life, rather than rushing through it, blindly busy.

This was one of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever been given. Since then, I make sure that I take time out – whether that’s on our annual Maldives holiday or simply taking a few days out in the hills of Snowdon, Wales.

Moving out of the hustle and bustle allows to you reset. To realise all of the things for which you should be incredibly grateful.

Whilst I may be a little busy checking in with the team at the Farinet hotel and having the board meeting over here in Verbier, being away from the office has enabled me to spend time with my four wonderful daughters and my incredible wife – without whom my life would simply be chaos!

When you are on your deathbed, you will not look back and think about how much harder you should have worked, you will think about the people that count; those who really matter. At that time, I hope that you look back and see that you really made the most of your time with your family and friends.

The simple things are the most valuable and, more often than not, they’re not actually ‘things’ – they’re memories, moments, hugs and laughs. These are the things that I believe really count the most; the things you will look back on and remember.

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