5 September 2016

How was your summer? Did you manage to take a break?lawrence jones verbier

Just as many children have their first day at school and the teachers return to the classrooms, today is my first day back in the office after a few weeks away in the Swiss mountains.

Even though I still do some work while I’m away, I still think it’s essential to take some time away from the office every now and then, to come back refreshed and full of new ideas.

I read an article earlier this week, referencing a survey by a high street bank which found that nearly a third of entrepreneurs have not taken a holiday in two years and more than a third said they didn’t have a holiday planned. Though I think these numbers are worrying, I must admit I’ve been in the same situation.

I only realised the value of a holiday later on in my business journey. During the first nine years of UKFast, I didn’t take a holiday at all, and I felt proud of it. I thought it showed my commitment and would only mean the business would grow and improve at a faster rate.

But taking a step back actually had the opposite effect. When I finally took some time out, it made me realise that I have a responsibility to keep a clear head to make the best decisions. The office is not always the best environment to do that. In the office we’re distracted by the tasks that shout the loudest and often these are smaller jobs of less significance. Stepping out of the hubbub allows us to prioritise and see the wood for the trees.

I always see UKFast much more clearly when I have taken a step back from the everyday hustle and bustle. When I’m feeling relaxed, new ideas begin to flow, solutions present themselves and inspiration arises. It is impossible to stay inspired when you are at the grindstone every single day.

We all know the saying that you need to distance yourself to see things clearly. Focussing on too many small problems makes it really hard to see the big picture.

There have been many occasions when a problem can seem insolvable at the time, but once I leave the office, the solution comes to me as soon as I’ve put my mind to something else.

Well rested, I’m excited for the months ahead at UKFast. We’ve got so many more amazing things to be working towards before the year is over!

But, at the same time, my next holiday is already booked…

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