6 September 2016

How did you start the week? What was the first thing you did when you arrived in the office yesterday?

Cueto back in the time of our first sposnorship with Sale Sharks. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

Cueto back in the time of our first sposnorship with Sale Sharks. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

I believe that Monday morning is the most important time of the week; it sets the tone for the days ahead. That’s why, a few years ago, we introduced our Monday Morning Meeting to kickstart the week.

Gathering the whole UKFast team in one place, and livestreaming the meeting to those who can’t physically be in the room, we build the energy, celebrate last week’s successes and establish the coming priorities, and we set the tone for the rest of the week.

Yesterday’s was a little different. We introduced England rugby star and Sale Sharks legend Mark Cueto to the stage. He also spoke with our entire management team in a separate session.

Mark, who is still the Aviva Premiership’s leading try scorer, is a great friend who I have known for many years and have great respect for – since the days of training at Altrincham Kersal, when I have never seen someone outrun the whole field at such pace and power as he did. And now we’re working closely together once again as the main sponsor and commercial director of Sale Sharks.

It might seem like a strange fit, putting a sportsman in front of a team of aspiring business people, technical engineers, directors and the like, but standing in front of the whole company, Mark shared his story – from a potential football career to representing England in the Rugby World Cup.

Mark being interviewed by our MD Jonathan.

Mark being interviewed by our MD Jonathan.

So how does that happen? What makes a winner?

Attitude. It’s the common theme between every successful sports star and business person that we come across.

Mark shared a story about him and a friend, both aspiring rugby players; Mark went on to play for Sharks more than 300 times and his friend is now a school teacher. Asked by one of the UKFast team what made him the successful rugby player, Mark simply said he wanted it more. He had the winning attitude and has taken that into the corporate world with him, since retiring a year ago.

He has the belief to be the best. I couldn’t agree more with this approach. It’s the power of intention. If you believe that you can be the best, you can. If you strive and focus on being the best, you can be. I honestly believe that and Cueto is just another example of this in practice.

So, how did you start yesterday? Believing you can be the best? If not, start today that way. Set the tone, set your path and be the best.

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