8 September 2016

What do you want to be when you grow up?Lawrence Jones and daughter

I think we all reach an age, at some point, when we realise the preciousness of childhood but, do we ever really grow up? At my age, I still don’t feel any more adult than when I was younger. Undeniably, my situation, environment and responsibilities have changed but, in my head, I still see those older than me – my parents especially – as the grownups!

It is so important to hold onto at least some of the magic that children have in spades.

Children see the world differently; they dream big, they judge less, they laugh more. It is so sad that these are often lost along the way, as we grow up. We’re constrained by worries, past experiences and mistakes and we fall into the trap of ‘that’s not how it should be done’. Children don’t follow this. They go for it!

It’s safe to say that my daughters are a constant reminder of this. There’s no telling my girls that that’s not the way to do something, nor would I want to; they will go for it and either learn the hard way or find a new way to achieve their goal!

Equally, if I asked them to set a goal for their dream house, you can bet it would be something huge, like a castle with two swimming pools and five ponies. If you asked an adult that question, you can bet that they’d be much more modest. But why? Why not dream big? Why not aim for the top? What’s the worst that could happen?

Children are an incredible reminder to enjoy life, to embrace the fun side. I think we can learn an extraordinary amount from watching and listening to the children of the world.

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