9 September 2016

Lawrence Jones UKFastWow. Yesterday Sarah Storey became the most decorated Paralympian taking her twelfth gold medal on the opening day in Rio. What an achievement!

We’re incredibly proud to host the British Cycling team at UKFast. The team there are quite extraordinary. The focus is firmly on success and they get there with tiny, 1%, marginal gains across the whole organisation – everywhere from the kitchen, the admin team and out on the track. It’s a lesson that I have learned from them and something that I transfer into my business life every single day.

These small changes that you make each day or week are so trackable and agile and soon they add up to huge gains.

I remember meeting Sarah a few years ago at the velodrome. I was training there, trying out the speed bikes for the first time. It was quite an experience. When you’re used to riding a pedal bicycle and being able to stop peddling and coast along, not being able to stop moving your feet is quite disconcerting and takes some getting used to.

The speeds that you can reach on the velodrome track are incredible! It’s like nothing else!

At this track session, when we’d finished, the British Cycling team had entered the arena and were chatting to people around them. I was immediately drawn to Sarah. She has an aura around her. You know that she means business and wants to win and I was immediately drawn to wanting to learn from this. She and her husband are incredibly warm characters and I am honoured that our paths have crossed a few times over the years.

We’re in an incredible era for British sports. We all have so many amazing athletes to look up to: Sarah Storey, Mo Farah, Max Whitlock, just to name a few. What greater motivation do we need to get moving, to get our children moving, to try new sports and get active?

The Paralympics are a reminder that we have no limits in life other than the ones that we put onto ourselves. Mindset makes a huge difference. You achieve what you believe that you can achieve and Dame Sarah Storey is a prime example of this.

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