12 September 2016

Over the weekend, an out of shape politician called British business leaders fat and lazy.

Image from @Twitter

Image from @Twitter

Are you building a business? Striving every day to do the best that you can to make your business succeed? Like me, you’ll know that there’s certainly no room to be fat or lazy! Especially for the SMEs that prop up our economy!

Growing a business is a challenge. My wife Gail and I ate porridge for months on end to keep UKFast afloat in the early days while working all of the hours that god gives – we were thinner and more active than ever!

There is simply no place for this type of politician representing British business in today’s fast-paced society, where business owners and entrepreneurs are working incredibly hard to keep afloat and keep Britain moving in the right direction.

Let’s not forget this is a man who resigned after some very strange goings on with a friend who he took on numerous political trips and admitted wrongdoing. He also over-claimed his expenses by more than £20,000.

This is not a man who can represent us honestly nor is he in a position to call us business folk fat and lazy.

In fact, over the weekend, when this news broke, I personally challenged Dr Liam Fox via social media to a game of squash, or a run up Snowdon. He’s yet to reply!

It raises the question as to which business people he knows. Are politicians really getting to know the businesses that represent the majority of those building the economy or are they entrenched in big firms and fat cats?

The business people that I know are incredibly passionate and inspired and work on their stamina and fitness as well as their businesses; it’s an essential part of being successful. Fox is certainly not getting to know the SMEs who prop up this country! That’s for sure.

I’d like to see you at the top of Snowdon Fox, but lazy people like you don’t even make it to the bottom.

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