16 September 2016

attitudeDo you know your limits?

It’s a strange concept really. Who created the idea of limits? To me, it is one of the most dangerous things for anyone. Why would you block your own potential?

At one of our InspireMCR events at UKFast Campus, Phil Jones, MD of Brother, described limits simply as constructs that we create ourselves, and I couldn’t agree more. They’re not walls that we cannot climb, they’re not oceans that we cannot swim; they’re ideas in our head that stop us reaching our potential.

Tony Robbins often talks about limiting beliefs. These come in the form of negative thinking, traditions, past experiences and fear. But without these imagine the possibilities?

Believing that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to is the first step to really making a difference, to being successful. It is a lesson that I have learned many times over in the course of my business and personal lives.

What would you do if someone told you that the path that you’re on is the wrong one? The path that you’ve worked hard to get on, set goals for and grown your ambitions.

I remember being told by my uncle back in the 1990s that I would never be a businessman. That I wasn’t cut out for it, it wasn’t for me. Instead of taking that in and changing my course, I saw it as motivation!

My wife often jokes that I am like a rhinoceros – my skin has become so thick because so many people have doubted that I can achieve the goals that I set, but I let that bounce off and see it as motivation, just as I did back in the nineties. It hasn’t been easy to develop that mindset, it is something that I am learning to be better at every single day.

It is a skill that is essential to anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur, or to reach their goals; as Winston Churchill said: “attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

I strongly recommend looking into Tony Robbins’ content – he is a great man to learn from if you want to smash your limits.

What do you think?

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