22 September 2016

Do you feel challenged?

Stay focussed on your path

Stay focussed on your path

If you don’t, why not? We achieve more when we’re challenged; we push our boundaries.

For example, as a business, we’ve pushed ourselves further than ever this year to achieve things I don’t think any of us were expecting! It reminds me how important it is to challenge your limits, instead of limiting your challenges.

In the 17 years of UKFast, there have certainly been challenges along the way, but finding solutions to these challenges is what drives me and my team. Every challenge we overcome as a business makes us stronger and helps us take things to another level. Without taking them on, there is no way we would be where we are now.

Challenge leads to progress and variety. I want everyone to have something to work towards and have a sense of where they’re going. Setting the bar high gives me and my team a sense of satisfaction and achievement, with both of these things being huge motivators. If our days in the office are too easy, we’re more likely to switch off and feel demotivated.

For me, the fun in being an entrepreneur is to see how far we can take this business, together. How many people can we reach? How much of a difference can we make to every business owner out there?

Despite our success so far, I still feel like we are only at the start of our journey. There are so many incredibly exciting plans in our five-year strategy that I wish I could tell you about, but I have to keep them quiet for a little bit longer – which, in itself, is a challenge!

What challenges are you facing in your business?

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