26 September 2016

What is the greatest motivator?

Is it money? The challenge? The competition? In my experience it is two words: thank you.lawrence jones verbier

Being recognised for your achievements is the single biggest motivator in every area of life and business. It is that simple.

It’s something that we’ve been focussed on for a long time and, whilst we’re already on a roll with it, we’re always looking to improve and make sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve – whether that’s with a thank you in our Monday Morning Meeting with the whole company, a mention in the newsletter or an award at one of our events.

One of my favourite things at UKFast is our team newsletter. Every month it is delivered through the post to each of the team and their friends and family. It’s a full magazine with all the news, photos and information from the month gone by. But, what makes it really special is a page called ‘Feel the Love’.

Each month, our internal system requests a vote from each employee for their superstar. Each person casts a vote and leaves a comment about one of their team members. We have a Directors’ Choice for person of the month, and one voted for by the team.

The ‘Feel the Love’ page brings together the comments left with each vote. It’s absolutely wonderful to read the team’s lovely words for each other. It’s a motivator for me too.

That’s not to say that other perks, incentives and bonuses aren’t great drivers, but there is nothing as motivating as feeling appreciated. A study by Glassdoor revealed some time ago that 80% of employees say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.

If you don’t already, set the intention to thank your team, starting today. Two words are all it takes.

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