30 September 2016

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Earlier this week, German postal firm Deutsche Post agreed a deal to buy UK Mail for £242.7 million. The company has more than 50 sites across the UK and over 25,000 British customers.

Isn’t it odd to see a business of this size – and one that has ‘UK’ branded in its name – now under foreign ownership and competing with Royal Mail for parcel deliveries? I really do think it’s a shame!

Although I’m sure the deal will have its benefits for customers, I can’t help but be concerned about the potential impact of losing the value of being British. Whilst, of course, there is huge value in collaborating with international businesses, it seems that our once proud business heritage is being sold off bit by bit.

Like UK Mail, our business also has ‘UK’ in our brand. This is because we are proud to be British. I love this country and the fact that I can run my business here. It has always been my goal to continue to develop and grow UKFast, the Manchester economy and the digital economy across the country. To me, running this business is not just about revenue, it’s about making a difference.

We’ve always looked to work with people who share our values and when we can’t, this doesn’t stop us from achieving our goals. We’ve even built our own data centres to ensure data never leaves British shores, where we can ensure that it is protected by own laws and governance.

It’s not just us – it’s our customers too. At UKFast, we’ve seen a very clear move towards British businesses buying from British businesses over recent years. It’s a move I completely support – there are so many benefits to buying locally and strengthening our economy. You only have to look to France; French people buy French cars and for a long time, French people would only listen to French music.

Buying British doesn’t mean boycotting products from other countries or foreign-owned companies, it’s about finding alternatives to the products or services we already use. It’s more environmentally friendly and helps the continued growth of the economy.

When you really think about it, how much of what you use every day is supplied to you by business owned by someone in another country? How often do you think about the full supply chain and the difference it makes to our economy and communities? What difference would it make to change this?

I’m passionate about innovation and buying British wherever we can. As a business, keeping our supply chain local gives us the competitive edge; we have the talent and the resources to deliver the best in everything we do. It is a shame to see businesses being sold rather than invested in and developed here. We have a proud industrial history and it would be a shame to lose that.

How do you feel about the sale of British businesses?

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