3 October 2016

What’s motivating you today?

Every week we see #MondayMotivation trending and it is fascinating to see the different things that get people going in a the morning. From a cup of tea when you get to your desk, to making a real difference to someone’s life.Lawrence Jones and daughter

We all have different things that get us out of bed and moving on with our day. For me it is knowing that I can make a difference that day. I have said before that I won’t go to bed unless I know that I have positively impacted someone’s day. It’s one of my goals and is incredibly important to me – that difference could be helping one of the team at UKFast to solve a problem, or it could be offering a compliment to a stranger.

Later today I’m speaking at the Bauer Cash for Kids conference being held at the office. The Cash for Kids charity raises millions of pounds every year for disadvantaged children and young people, and I’m incredibly proud that UKFast sponsors two of the Manchester Cash for Kids team’s biggest annual campaigns. For a few years now we’ve worked with Cash for Kids and Key 103 on Superhero Day and Mission Christmas, helping the team to raises millions for the 1 in 3 children in poverty in Manchester.

Today, I’m talking to the national team about motivation and smashing goals. I hope that sharing my experience of goal setting will help the team at Cash for Kids to make a difference to even more children and young people.

So, that’s what got me out of bed this morning. What about you?

What are you looking forward to or striving towards. Personally, I think that if you chronically suffer from the Monday blues, you need to make a change in your life. Perhaps your job isn’t what you want it to be. Do you need a new challenge?

We hear too much negativity on a Monday morning, instead we should be seeing it as an opportunity to start the week in the best way possible.

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