5 October 2016

What inspires you to keep growing?Lawrence Jones MBE entrepreneur

If you follow me on social media, you know that I post motivational quotes every now and then. They’re ideas and sayings that inspire me along that way – either in my personal or business life, or as it often the case, both.

Interestingly I have spotted that the post that stand out, sparking the most conversation, are those around the importance of learning, including Albert Einstein’s famous saying: ‘The import thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing’.

This is one of the most important messages in life for me. There is never a time to stop learning. I like the fact that nobody knows everything. There is always so much to learn, as long as we’re open to it.

Learning comes in so many different forms and they don’t all involve a textbook or a classroom. I’ve learned most of the things I’ve needed to know as an entrepreneur on the job.

Hands-on learning is great for someone like me – someone who never really excelled in school growing up. This is learning with a clear goal in mind, helping to push myself out of my comfort zone and into a situation where I’m forced to learn something new in order to achieve that goal.

I often quote the saying: ‘In nature, if you’re not growing, you’re dying’. I’ve realised that the times in my life where everything slotted perfectly into place have often coincided with the times I was making a conscious effort to develop, rather than resting on my laurels.

I’ve learned most from working with other people, learning from other entrepreneurs, from reading biographies and business books, from spending time with other business leaders and, most importantly, from being open to new ideas. There is so much value in the experience of others!

Becoming successful in business is a journey that takes time. Rather than reaching our ultimate goal as soon as possible, we reach smaller goals all the time – growing step by step. Each of these smaller achievements teach us something about business and about how we can continue growing. All these lessons combined will get there in the end.

I look at my team in the same way – we recruit people who have a clear desire to grow and learn. I always say that ‘skills can be taught, but attitude is ingrained’ and I invest heavily in training and development, to ensure the people who are making a difference to our business every day feel motivated to stay with us for the long term – to learn and grow together.

Have you learned anything new recently?

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