7 October 2016

We all have challenges in life. I have never really been any good at reading or spelling, and it was many years after leaving school that I discovered that I am dyslexic.

Whilst academically I wasn’t particularly strong, on the sports field I was. I was also showing sparks of entrepreneurialism from a very early age – setting up a playground tuck shop and embarking on work experience at some of our local businesses.

However, back in those days, schools didn’t measure this. Schools still, to some extent, measure children’s success on grades and exam passes. It’s such a shame and leads to a feeling of worth that relies upon academic success.

Yet, when you look into it, many of the most successful businesspeople in the world have the same story as me: struggling academically, succeeding in other areas. Sir Richard Branson is one such example.

I came across a video from a little while ago that I want to share with you today, as National Dyslexia Week comes to a close. The whole purpose of the week is to raise awareness and remove the stigma – being dyslexic doesn’t mean that you’re stupid, as I was led to believe when I was younger. It means that your strengths lie in different areas.

My daughter Poppy has the same struggles that I did. She’s an absolute firework – incredibly bright and full of energy. She’s entrepreneurial already and she absorbs so much information when she’s in the office that I have no doubt that she could run her own business already! There is quite literally no holding her back.

In the video, Richard speaks to Poppy about dyslexia and highlights something that really resonates with me and ties into what we do here at UKFast: it’s personality that matters most in life; who you are, not what you’ve achieved.


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