13 October 2016

Whilst we often talk about the commonalities between business and sport, have you ever felt the direct impact?

Laura Massaro, proof that practice and persistence pay off

Laura Massaro, proof that practice and persistence pay off

I truly realised the importance of the link between both when I stopped being so active. A few years ago, I was at the peak of my fitness. I was running 10km a day, every day, playing squash and UKFast was growing at an astonishing rate.

So much so, that I backed off. I spent less time in the gym, put in less effort, missed squash sessions and rested on my laurels a bit. It’s natural to take a step back when you reach a peak; when you’re feeling great, it’s easy to forget the routine that created that peak.

I call this a Doctor Who moment. Suddenly something disappears into the Tardis, into a black hole, and is gone forever!

I quickly began to feel overwhelmed, but wasn’t sure why. My wife and I looked at what had changed and it was clear. I got straight back into the gym, back into my squash routine and –whilst I wasn’t quite up to that peak of 10km a day – I was back into the routine, taking time out for myself, burning off extra energy and striving towards new goals.

So what is it about sport and exercise that has such an effect? Is it that time out, is it the endorphins? I believe it’s more than that.

Sport and exercise teach us failure. It teaches us to carry on. Falling at a hurdle doesn’t stop you. If you can’t score a try the first time, you don’t leave the field and give up; you push harder and keep going until you score.

This is one of the most valuable lessons that we can learn in sport, in life and in business. Yet, fitness and exercise are still overlooked by traditional business advice.

That’s why the next InspireMCR event is focussed on what we can learn from sport and the champions leading their fields.

Organisation, determination, executing decisions under pressure, communication, robust recruitment and having an end goal in sight; ultimately the skills needed to succeed in business are almost identical to those needed to reach the very top in sport.

At InspireMCR on November 23rd I will be joined on stage at UKFast Campus by World and British Open squash champion, Laura Massaro. Laura has an incredible story to tell and I can’t wait for her to share her story of overcoming the limiting belief that she could not beat the former World Champion.

Equally, Mark Cueto – former England Sale Sharks rugby legend – will take to the mic to share the tale of his transition from the rugby pitch to the boardroom and what his time scoring tries has taught him along the way.

It is set to be a fascinating event that I know everyone will leave inspired and motivated. Life is about energy, the more energy that we have, the more we achieve. Simple as that. Register for the event here, I hope to see you there.

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