19 October 2016

I remember hearing once that “it takes the same amount of energy to dig a hole as it does to build a mountain.” Lawrence_Jones_final_web

I love this because in one sentence it explains so much about how life works; it covers karma, direction, focus and, of course, the inevitable result: digging yourself into a hole.

It’s very easy as a highly goal-oriented person to get caught up with settling a score or righting a wrong or just plain winning, but as I have got a little older and hopefully wiser by watching some of the great entrepreneurs and leaders, I have learnt to listen, watch and consider before making rash decisions.

It’s always worth considering just how someone else may feel before you do or say something that may create embarrassment or upset.

I have learnt in business that if you have a challenge with someone, never air your grievance in front of others. Take a minute to sit down with someone in person and iron out your differences in private.

Never criticise a person, discuss their behaviour but don’t make something personal. It’s the worst thing you can do and you are liable to end up with an enemy for the foreseeable future, if not forever.

When discussing recruitment with Sir Richard Branson years ago he explained that it’s worth “keeping in touch if people leave and, above all, remaining friends.”
“People grow and develop” he explained, “They may come back but, if they don’t, you end up with friends in high places.”

He told some amazing stories that explained the concept brilliantly that spanned some 20 years.

All too often people look far too short term and are so interested in a quick win, they miss the bigger opportunity to develop a lasting relationship.

The same principle applies to the contacts you make in business.

I am a huge fan of building bridges not burning them.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t force everyone to have the same foresight as you, however you should try to remain positive where possible. If someone is still hell-bent on causing you trouble, the energy they are wasting digging in the wrong direction will eventually be their downfall.

Most importantly, keep to your path of positivity and keep doing good. Don’t waste energy on things that don’t matter.

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