25 October 2016

dean trust masters

Tarun Kapur of the Dean Trust speaking at the launch event

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

These words from American science presenter Bill Nye certainly hold true in business. I have been a businessman for more than 25 years and one of the greatest lessons I have learned is the value of working together.

Building strong partnerships should be one of the most important trends in business right now. When we work together we are more like to reach our shared goals: growth, innovation and collaboration.

I often say that I believe we cross paths with people for a reason. One example is the Pentest team; we started speaking with them long before an acquisition was even on the table. Now we’re working together to create a safer online environment for all of our clients.

From the very early days of UKFast it’s been our aim to create these relationships to help make it easier for businesses to do business. Gail and I started a hosting company because we struggled to find a provider in the UK able to help us get a website off the ground for our original business plan. But we didn’t want to stop there. We knew that it was about more than technology.

Since then, we’ve not only hosted websites but networking events for our clients; from round tables and conferences to Q&As. And it’s great to hear how these kinds of meetings impact a business. Only last week I heard about a client meeting and it’s quite an amazing story.

USP Training has been with us for a couple of years now. The company develops eLearning platforms and when they first came to us they were looking for a hosting provider that would help keep their resources online, but could also provide them with added value. To them, it wasn’t just about hosting.

When the company attended our round table on education in tech last year, they met a representative of the multi-academy trust The Dean Trust, who we have partnered with for many years now. They swapped business cards and things developed from there.

I was thrilled to hear that, last week, USP attended an event hosted in one of the Dean Trust school presenting their eMaths Master project, providing software to schools that can easily train teachers of other subjects to become maths teachers, filling a fast expanding skills gap.

In my opinion, it’s incredibly exciting that we can bring together people from very different backgrounds who can make such a difference to each other’s businesses – and our business too.

This is just one of so many stories that I could share about the importance of getting to know people. I honestly believe that our paths always cross for a reason.

Have you ever worked with anyone who ended up making a big difference to your business?

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