26 October 2016

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut?Lawrence_Jones_final_web

Success in business relies on innovation, and innovation thrives on breaking a routine.

Making a small change to your routine can make a big difference to your day and your business.

Meetings are a great example. They are necessary to keep everyone focussed on the same goal and up-to-date on what everyone is up to, but when they become run-of-the-mill it’s probably time to shake things up a little.

Every Monday morning we get the whole company together for a town hall meeting in our auditorium. Although some parts of this meeting are similar each time, talking about events taking place over the next few days and praising superstars of the week that’s passed, I also always try to incorporate something unexpected. This might be a gift on every seat, a funny video or a Q&A with one of our biggest partners or leading sports stars; whatever it takes to wake up everyone in the room and get them excited about the week ahead.

It’s incredible, how small changes can really make a difference to your mood and your mind-set.

I know of several teams in our offices who have changed their weekly meetings to include things like poetry and games. This might sound like they’re just taking it too far, but it’s actually a great way of using creativity and competitiveness to come up with different solutions to problems.

Team meetings offer an opportunity to discuss issues with others and come up with solutions. They should be active and challenging, rather than passive and boring. If we already know exactly what to expect, why would we need to have a meeting at all?

Routines can be so ingrained, that we don’t even really think about it. We do things, simply because they have become a habit. We hold meetings, simply for the sake of it.

In my opinion, there is definitely a formula to success, but this doesn’t mean there is no flexibility. My best ideas have come from trying new things. If you want to keep the energy and rhythm of an innovative business going, you have no choice but to keep looking for ways to achieve the same – or better – results by coming at things from a slightly different angle.

When have you last made a small change to your daily routine – and did it have a positive effect?


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