28 October 2016

Every year Halloween has been the biggest fancy dress event of the year. It is quite the spectacular! halloween_2014

For the past three years we’ve combined Halloween fancy dress with Caketober – the annual bake sale month for Forever Manchester.

We invite the Manchester business community to come and join the fun and hold the biggest cake sale of the year. Last year we had three tables full!

But what about the business, I hear you ask! Is it not a distraction?

Funnily enough, it increases energy! Nobody sits at their desk for the whole day – there are tea breaks and lunch breaks, and gym breaks here at UKFast. Halloween just fills these gaps with extra fun and hijinks.

The energy is extraordinary!

There’s a long running tradition of the tech team pulling it out of the bag and surprising everyone with outfits including the Minions, MarioKart and PacMan over the years. Recently, though, they’ve retired their group outfits and it’s opened up for other teams to join in.

This morning, already the team are showcasing their efforts with our lead team as ‘Sales’ Sharks, marketing as a packet of crayons, our quality team as Ghostbusters and communications as the cast of Harry Potter.

The bake sale opens at 11am. Come and join us if you’re in town.

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