2 November 2016

How do you cope with pressure?

Lawrence Jones MBE

Taking some time out from the day to day on holiday in Mustique.

What’s your default reaction when things get a little too much? Invariably, it happens to each and every one of us at some point. The jobs list keeps growing, deadlines become shorter and suddenly it feels like you’ve no time for anything!

It’s natural, especially when growing a business. Often we spend so much time in the office trying to please everyone that we lose sight of the priority tasks that we should be doing. It’s easy to fall foul of completing the tasks that shout the loudest rather than the ones that are most important.

So how do you manage that panic?

Take some time out, even if it is just for half an hour. Go to the gym, take a quiet moment to have a hot drink, do some yoga or just pause for a moment. I also find that writing down everything that’s whizzing around my head – it’s like you’re taking it out of your head and putting it into some sort of order. This frees up space for you to concentrate.

Split out your task list. Look at what’s most important, what’s got a deadline, what someone else can help you out with and what can wait.

Life looks much simpler when you organise it this way.

Once you’re back in business, I recommend looking at ways to manage your time better; to learn from the panic and move forward. I have several ways of managing my time and task list that work well at different times and for different projects.

How can you reorganise your diary or schedule? How can you ensure that you’re focussing on the priorities rather than the loudest or your favourite tasks?

I’d love to know your tips on staying organised and getting out of that pressure zone.

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