4 November 2016

What brings you joy?

mustique lawrence jones

Two of my daughters tortoise spotting on the beach.

Watching my daughters building sandcastles and watching the tiny fish swimming in the sea on holiday, I am reminded of how the simplest of things can cause the greatest joy when you’re a child. Seeing a tractor can be the most amazing highlight of the day!

When do we lose that magic? At some point our focus shifts and we become so caught up in living life that it is easy to miss the simple pleasures. The small things that make us smile. Why does that happen?

Perhaps it’s because, as we grow older, a tractor becomes something that slows down the traffic and causes stress or a rainbow means rain! Perhaps it’s because we have more responsibilities and less freedom.

But is that an excuse?

Tony Robbins sums it up well, saying: “Make cheerfulness, outrageousness and playfulness new priorities for your life. You can feel good for no reason at all.”

It’s true. Even if you’re laughing at your own jokes! I choose to be outrageous. I choose to be playful and I choose to be cheerful. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way at all times but I remind myself every day – in the bright colours that I wear, in the surprises that I give the UKFast team and in the simple everyday moments for a joke or laugh. When you think about it, outrageous is a strange word that often has negative connotations but actually it could just mean to surprise people.

You can certainly strike a balance between professionalism and fun – I think it’s something we do well at UKFast. Our culture is built around being happy, and happiness and fun go hand in hand.

It is fascinating how we are able to take control of how we’re feeling, how we react to events and manage our emotions. Your mood is absolutely something that you can control. It’s even said that simply by smiling you make yourself feel better.

A holiday is the perfect time to start shifting your focus and seeing the world differently. Swimming with my mum in the Caribbean for an hour the other day, I was reminded of how precious our time is and how we have to grab each moment with both hands. These moments of joy are what make all of the hard work of running a business worthwhile, but they could pass us by so easily if we don’t stop to experience them fully.

As we set off home from our break in paradise with my family, I am incredibly grateful for the time that we’ve just spent together, away from work, from home and from the day-to-day grind. We’ve made some amazing memories that will stay with me forever.

How can you take these values to help you recapture that joy that you had in childhood?

How you look at life determines how you will live it and the quality of your existence. It’s up to you to make the most of every minute.

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