8 November 2016

How do you feel about industry events?

Speaking at one of our events, InspireMCR

Speaking at one of our events, InspireMCR

Whilst there seem to be a lot of them these days, I invariably leave them feeling inspired and motivated having met some extraordinary people and heard the stories of fellow entrepreneurs.

I love opening the doors to our in-house auditorium to the tech and local communities. We’ve seen some amazing events here over recent years – from Inspire MCR to CloudUK Live.

But we’ve hosted away days, Q&As, award ceremonies, round tables and guest lectures for local universities. All of these events have been free to attend. But this is not always the case in the industry.

It’s amazing how expensive it can be to attend an event these days. The biggest conferences and expos of the year cost a few hundred pounds or more to get in. I have seen tickets going for £1000 or over – for an event that takes place over just one day!


A packed auditorium at UKFast Campus.

But how are all of these events different? Does charging a premium for an event make them more desirable or respectable? Shouldn’t it be the focus of everyone in the industry to ensure they stay accessible – for those who are already working in tech, but also for those who are just starting out or simply looking for new opportunities?

Events are a great opportunity to connect with others in the industry and to talk to people you might not have seen for a while. They are great for bouncing off ideas and discussing trends. But I believe that they should always remain open to those who are new to the industry.

High ticket prices can put a stop to that. They exclude graduates, those currently working in other industries or anyone looking for a job. Yet these might be exactly the kind of people you want to attract to your business.

Tech companies, more than businesses in any other industry, rely on fresh voices and fresh perspectives. To be and to remain innovative, we should want to learn and surround ourselves with people who want to learn. If people want to attend industry events, but they don’t have a lot of savings or a boss willing to pay through the roof for them, they should still be encouraged to go.

That being said there are so many events now that are open to all; there’s really no excuse not to be out there meeting people and getting to know others in your industry. Take a look at our events calendar for what’s coming up at UKFast – you never know who you might meet!

What do you think? Are the high-ticket price events worth it? Which have been your most inspiring events.

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