16 November 2016

When was the last time you learned something new?

Our training labs at UKFast Campus.

Our training labs at UKFast Campus.

As we learn new skills, develop and grow, we thrive. In nature you’re either growing or your dying – it’s really as simple as that.

That’s why, for me, it’s amazing to see so many people here at UKFast Campus striving to develop. We have our own UKFast University onsite, with classrooms, training labs and accredited test centres – all led by four ex-teachers. Everything taking place in-house: from training sessions to study lunches to the team taking their actual exams in our very own Pearson Vue education centre.

I was never much of an academic myself – leaving school with four U-grade A-levels – but I know that passing professional exams and gaining certificates has a huge impact. These exams measure a whole range of skills too – not just the ones we’re tested on as children. I’ve found that people who were like me at school are thriving in on-the-job qualifications – it’s their time to shine.

Training also helps us to become more skilled to deliver cutting-edge service for our clients. We really are a team of experts – our Linux team is one of the highest qualified teams in the country.

Sometimes I’m asked about my reasons for providing so much training – we’ve invested more than £4m so far. But, also, how about the cost and the time people spend away from their core job? The answer to me is easy: investing in people is the most important part of any business.

I believe that everyone joining the team at UKFast is beginning a journey of their own. In my opinion, you can’t expect people to stay motivated and engaged if you don’t provide them with the opportunity to grow and develop.

We are accredited gold standard by Investors in People and we are the only LPI-accredited training provider in the North West. Not only do we have a multi-million pound training and exam centre, we also employ five full-time teachers. To us, education is not just a side-line of the business. It’s what we do every day.

I truly believe that no business can keep growing without planning and preparing for what is over the next hill. Investing in the future of our team is investing in the future of our business.

Goal-setting with my eldest

My eldest daughter studying hard.

We all know that, as companies grow, new opportunities arise; new management positions, new teams and new challenges. Developing talent as you grow is the only way to evolve as the business does. You never know the levels of skills and experience your business might need next.

We work in an industry that is changing at an incredibly fast pace. The world of tech doesn’t allow anyone to rest on their laurels, because we are constantly facing different challenges, possibilities and demands from clients. There is no point in catching up with others; we have to be leading and innovative.

What it really comes down to is that I want our business to succeed, I want every individual in our team to succeed and I want Manchester’s tech industry to succeed. Providing the level of training and education we do helps ensure a brighter future for all.

Good luck to everyone taking their exams this week! I’d love to know your thoughts on training and education after school and university.

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