18 November 2016

crn award 2016 ukfast

Our Cloud Service Provider of the Year Award.

What are the key factors of motivation? I believe that recognition is one of the foundations of maintaining drive and enthusiasm. A pat on the back to let you know that you’re doing a great job.

It is important as a business owner too – being the leader of a business can be a lonely place, especially in the early days of your journey when you’re working all hours of the day and struggling to make ends meet. Gail and I lived off Weetabix and passed like ships in the night in the very first few months and even years of UKFast!

It is equally as important to recognise the hard work and effort that your team put in every single day. People thrive under praise and wither under criticism. An american study found that 93% of of employees who feel valued by their employer are significantly more likely to be motivated to do their very best. Nine out of 10 employees will channel that feeling of being valued directly into their work. Not only does recognition make both you as a leader and the team feel positive, it helps the business too – it’s a win-win situation.

I’ve talked a lot about recognition and competition in recent posts, it is awards season after all, and last night, the UKFast team added another trophy to our awards cabinet – the CRN Channel Awards Cloud Services Provider of the Year 2016.

We’ve been working incredibly hard for a long time to create a British cloud alternative to the big American vendors. We launched our eCloud range in 2013. The range is completely home-grown – designed, built and supported by our incredible team. Since then we’ve added more capability and options to the eCloud portfolio and I believe that we offer one of the most comprehensive cloud solutions of any provider, all supported by our extraordinary team.

A few UKFasters headed down to London for the awards event. It was fantastic to see more than 1500 of the channel’s finest companies come together to celebrate our incredible industry.

It was great to see two Manchester businesses in the award shortlist as we were joined on the list by ANS, a fellow cloud firm just a stone’s throw from our Campus on the edge of Manchester’s Technology Park.

I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone at our weekly ‘Beer Friday’ later today.

How do you recognise the hard work of your team? Is it a priority?

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