24 November 2016

Are you looking for your big break?
lawrence jones ukfast
I believe that there are hundreds of people out there with extraordinary ideas and talents who are waiting for that push; the confidence to act, to set the wheels in motion.

I know how hard it is to take the huge leap of faith and set up your own business. It takes incredible courage.

It is also a steep learning curve – as the founder of a startup, you’re the accountant, creative, marketer, support and sales person all rolled into one.

Whilst I never had the experience of formal training on my journey to the helm of UKFast, I learned on the job from the age of 16. Yet, I believe the skills and experience gained on an MBA course are invaluable. Not only are you collecting the skills to help you be accountant, marketer and manager; you’re building a network of contacts.

That’s why we’ve launched the UKFast MBA Scholarship at the Manchester Metropolitan University. I want to help those of you who are waiting for their big break, for a little help, a boost to get you on the right path. I hope that by offering this scholarship and reducing the cost of tuition fees, we will be able to open the doors to a business education to more people and give someone a helping hand.

I want to combine my experience and network-building with the educational backbone of an MBA for someone who is ambitious, who dreams big, and who is eager to learn and grow. I’ll be here, along with the UKFast team and our network of industry friends, to support you along your journey and give you the help that you need along the way.

Applications are open until 18th December 2016 for the 2017 programme.

If you’re wondering whether it’s for you, put in an application. Give it a try. Who knows where it could lead you.

Apply for the MBA on the MMU website.

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