1 December 2016

Christmas has arrived at UKFast Campus!

Arriving at the office this morning, it’s clear that the team are feeling festive – the whole office has had a transformation! The trees are up and there is tinsel everywhere.

But what does Christmas mean in business? It can be a challenging time – especially on productivity! Whilst, of course, it’s important to celebrate the holidays and come together as a team, there is, of course, work to be done still.

I think we strike a healthy balance here at UKFast. When many businesses are slowing down for the festive period, we seem to ramp up! The energy is infectious here anyway, so adding Christmas cheer to that is sure to create awesome results.

I will never forget a call that we had many years ago at 5pm on Christmas Eve. Our team were doing our annual festive clean-up when the phone rang – it was someone that we’d been talking to for many years about creating the perfect solution for and he called to sign up with us! On Christmas Eve. Not only did we make a great new friend, it also pushed the guys over their target.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of grinding to a halt as Christmas approaches – slowing down is no bad thing, but that call taught me that business still goes on. There are plenty of opportunities at this time of year.

That being said, we not only work hard, we play hard too. I know that the UKFast team is extraordinary and that means that they deserve extraordinary rewards too. It’s our Christmas party this weekend and I cannot wait to celebrate with everyone. It’s been an incredible year and it is always a proud moment standing in front of the team thanking everyone for their hard work and handing out our Five-Year Club £1,000 and Ten-Year Club £10,000 cheques.

We’re also holding my favourite event of the year next week, Friends and Family night. Transforming the office into a winter wonderland, putting on a feast and filling the room with Christmas carols and gifts for the UKFast Kids, the evening is an opportunity for friends and family of the team to come together, see the office, meet their loved ones’ colleagues and be part of the whole UKFast Family.

There are plenty more events in the calendar too, including a Quiz Night and exclusive Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premiere too.

As we edge closer to the holiday period, how will you embrace the festivities while maintaining productivity? How will you make the most of the fun with your team?

Our film team have just produced this clip of the team getting into the Christmas spirit, take a look below:

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