7 December 2016

Sometimes in business, there are moments when you can see everything coming together. I have often been questioned about my focus on being a British business, on owning every aspect of our supply chain and on UKFast’s focus on home-grown innovation.

Yesterday we announced that revenue from our in-house built eCloud range has grown almost 40%. This was one of those moments. A moment when everything came together and we could see the wood for the trees. A pause for reflection in one of the world’s fastest moving industries.

For me, these results highlight the importance of customer loyalty. Are your clients loyal to you? Why?

This is a question you should ask at every milestone. Your customer retention figures are just as important as your other KPIs, if not more!

For me, I believe that the reason we’ve grown the eCloud range so quickly is because we retain a huge percentage of our customers – more than 90% overall – and help them to grow, whilst bringing in new ones.
The biggest differentiator with our cloud is the direct access to people because technology ultimately is about people. Our technology is supported by the very same team developing it and our customers value this massively.

Loyalty relies on listening. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason! With eCloud, we’re listening to what people want from cloud. We offer scalable, we offer lightning-fast and we offer ultra-secure. We cover all of the bases when to comes to cloud – from complex private environments to disposable spin-up dev space.

ukfast cloud provider of the year

The team collecting the Cloud Services Provider of the Year Award.

The personal experience is essential too. I hope that our clients feel that we’re an extension of their own IT teams. I don’t want us to be someone that they only speak to in times of need or an emergency. In my experience people are most interested in getting value for money and access to straight-talking, highly trained technicians. This level of detail isn’t something the mass cloud providers offer.

I am extraordinarily proud of the UKFast team who created eCloud and have worked to evolve and grow the portfolio for the past three or four years. The revenue announcement comes just after UKFast was named Cloud Provider of the Year at the prestigious CRN awards where the judges recognised our customer support and the all-round value proposition of eCloud.

Ultimately, we’re here to provide what our clients need – and so are you and your business.

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