19 December 2016

Do you have car insurance? Home insurance? Life insurance?computer with code

The answer to the above questions is more than likely, yes. Of course! So what about cyber insurance?

As a business this is becoming ever-more essential but is often overlooked. It was revealed in the news today that insurance claims for data breaches are being made at a rate of more than one every single day, covering data breaches and cash stolen online, according to figures from CFC Underwriting.

This year, there has been a phenomenal rise in cyber-attacks and threats, especially DDoS (where an influx of traffic takes a website offline) and ransomware (where a device is infected and ‘locked down’ until a ransom is paid). We’ve seen huge brands reveal that they’ve fallen victim to large-scale attacks – like Talk Talk, Three, Yahoo – and there have been some of the biggest DDoS attacks ever seen target DNS as well as individual websites.

With more than 6,000 businesses on our books, we’re seeing these types of attack every day and working to help our clients protect themselves from ever-evolving and increasing online threats. It is no mean feat; as soon as a solution is found to one threat, it evolves and finds a way around. Hackers are incredibly clever and play to human behaviour and the weaknesses within that.

That’s one of the reasons we acquired Pentest this year. Joining the Secarma team, these experts spend their time researching the latest threats and working out real-time ways to protect people. It’s a never-ending task!

We’re also setting a huge focus on backup and disaster recovery. That’s always our advice; backup, as often and as comprehensively as you can. Keep an eye out for faked emails too, they’re becoming increasingly sophisticated and harder to spot – if in doubt don’t click links. And keep on top of your passwords, make them complex, change them regularly and don’t reuse. You can find more advice or talk to our experts at Secarma – they’re here to help. https://www.secarma.co.uk

I am certain that 2017 will see an even faster evolution of cyber threats – bigger and cleverer than ever before.

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