22 December 2016

Have you got all your presents sorted?friendsandfamily at UKFast

It’s the time of the year for giving presents, but what do you give an entrepreneur? In many cases, the best answer is probably a little bit of your time.

At any stage of an entrepreneur’s journey spending time with others is essential – it’s how you’re inspired, how you collaborate and how you learn from others’ experiences.

If you run your own business, do you manage to find time to mentor others? If not –make it one of your New Year’s resolutions. Business leaders have a responsibility to help those at the start of their entrepreneurial journey, just as they will have received help in the early days themselves. Whilst I didn’t have a single mentor during the early days of UKFast, the community certainly took me in; there’s an extraordinary amount of value in the experience and advice of others.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place; being part of a business community is essential, particularly in the digital world and, sometimes, being a sounding board is of greater value to someone than you might realise. Listening is a very important skill.

A wise man and friend of mine once said that we have two ears and one mouth and they should be used in that ratio. It’s a great phrase and one that really resonated with me.

In Manchester, we’re lucky to live and work in a city that is great for inspiring collaboration – there are networking events, conferences and socials happening every day of the week. The digital community in the city is thriving!

Manchester has always been great for entrepreneurial opportunities from the days of the industrial revolution to today’s industrious revolution. The business community was growing when I first arrived in the city, many years ago, and it’s still growing today – encouraging those taking their first steps in setting up their own business. It’s a special place to be as a startup and I strongly believe that UKFast and I would not be where we are today if it weren’t for the city we call home and the community within it.

Time is the most precious gift we can give anyone and it is worth remembering that as we head toward a new year and begin setting resolutions and goals for 2017.


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